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The Skillsmatching platform allows users to see CNC machine operator qualifications, vote on the skills that should be included in those qualifications, and in this way reduce the skills mismatch between the educational system and the labour market. All users get access to an interactive forum, where educational providers and representatives from the labour market can meet. discuss and share experiences. You need to create a user to be able to access the full site.

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Project overview

This project aims to develop a platform through which vocational education systems and the labour market, especially the SMEs, communicate interactively, while one side voting for/valuing the skills they need and the other side, that’s the vocational systems answers by updating the current curriculum. Also, the training content developed on skills analysis and mapping through the ECVET Skills Platform is considered to serve the quality of vocational education and training systems, giving the experts responsible for teaching technical skills the mission of teaching also the personal and conceptual skills.

Target group of the project is vocational education and training institutions, teachers/trainers in VET, SMEs, employers, decision makers, non-governmental organizations and trainees. It aims at creating a channel among the members of the target group to keep them updated about the needs and requirements of the firms and the provided skills at educational institutions.

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ECVET online course

Do you want to learn more about the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET)? EUROMASC has, together with their partner NTI-MMM created an online course that describes the most important aspects of ECVET.

The course is for all interested who wish to learn more about ECVET based qualification requirements, specifically focused on blended learning courses in technical training fields. Attendees will learn how to describe the qualification framework of a given training course, identify learning outcomes including prior-learning experience, understand the credit points and ECVET points representation in relation to the qualification and apply the knowledge.